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Forgiveness…what does this have to do with weight gain, “catching” a cold, or the food you eat?


Have you ever downed an entire bag of chips, crackers, or cookies? Ate pizza or cake until you felt sick? Drank more coffee or wine than your body wanted? (This f...

Traveling while remaining Paleo or AIP can be difficult. It takes a lot of research and planning prior to traveling to keep up with the lifestyle. I usually have Artisan Tropics cassava chips or Chomp sticks available. However, on this trip, I did not take any snacks....

The suicide rate in the U.S. is climbing. In 2016, the rates had increased by 30%; that’s 45,000 people over the age of 10. Collectively, the nation is saddened when a celebrity does this seemingly unfathomable act. We all have either been touched by this devastation p...

Having been AP/Paleo for more than a few years now, I’ve been missing creamy soups. 

I enjoy eating soup year round and decided to make my own creamy soup. This recipe is very versatile and can be changed to your liking. I used what I had on hand and threw it in th...

I love to travel. Repeat. I. Love. To. Travel. Although it can be quite difficult to travel and still eat Paleo/AIP, I took the trip we’ve (hubs and I) have been planning for oh so long. Scandinavia. After tons of research, I knew this would be my feeding frenzy! I alr...

August 18, 2017