Paleo in Las Vegas

Our view from The Cosmo

Traveling while remaining Paleo or AIP can be difficult. It takes a lot of research and planning prior to traveling to keep up with the lifestyle. I usually have Artisan Tropics cassava chips or Chomp sticks available. However, on this trip, I did not take any snacks. Wanna know why? Because, I simply forgot!!! There seemed to be so much going on and I just let it go away from my mind. I was so worried about what I was going to eat once I arrived that I neglected to bring my usual snacks.

It was not a total loss though. The airport was full of beef sticks, epic bars, salads, etc. I had plenty of plane snacks. Plus, it was a short flight…to Las Vegas, baby. Eli and I decided to skip the traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year by going to sin city. There was no shortage of paleo or gluten free options available.

We stayed at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. It had so many eateries with readily available options. We had gluten free cookies and truffles from Milk Bar. Va Bene Caffe had fruit, salad, and gluten free muffins. One of my favorites was the The Juice Standard; where they had salads and organic juices available. The menu was quite large.

the finished product at STK

Probably my favorite place was STK. The vibe was awesome as we watched and listened to the DJ play while we ate. The chef knew what was up with Paleo and accommodated us! This seemed to be the norm with most places we went.

There is so much to do in Vegas. This wasn’t my first time there and had already seen some of the shows in the past. The only show we saw this time was a hypnotist. I was happy to spend my days at the pool and hot tub!!! We did try the High Roller at the Flamingo. The views were awesome.

Off the strip we had taken an Uber to Mt Everest India Cuisine.

Mt Everest

I really don’t worry about getting glutened at an Indian restaurant, typically it’s only the naan bread that is troublesome. They offer lentil bread as a replacement. There is dairy in most dishes, but I usually go Primal when traveling.

We had hamburgers at Wahlburgers; they offer gluten free buns, have a dedicated fryer for French fries, and offer lettuce wraps. They offer a separate gluten free menu that is quite handy! The servers were acknowledgeable as well.

At Yard Bird, we had gluten free fried chicken. I can’t tell you the last time I indulged in this. We had an amazing breakfast at Zen Kitchen at the Waldorf Astoria. The menu was clearly marked there as well. Of course, we had to venture to In- N-Out Burger. Who doesn’t when they travel west? It was by far the cheapest meal we had as I always order the double protein burger (not on the menu), which is wrapped in lettuce.

Last but definitely not least, as our last meal in Vegas we made reservations for Thanksgiving dinner with Harvest at the Bellagio. They offered organic turkey, salads, and sides. The chef was knowledgeable and helpful with dietary restrictions.


Overall; the bright lights, shows, and people watching are the best thing about Las Vegas. I am happy knowing that it has become a food intolerance haven!


High Roller

In-N-Out Burger

Finished product at Wahlburgers

view from the pool

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